Easy Bird for Pet Birds

Easy Bird for Pet Birds
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             EasyBird for pet birds 

Quality and simplicity

This product has been developed by the Bird Care Company to make it far simpler for pet bird owners to give the sort
of nutrition that will ensure a long, healthy life for their birds without having to use multiple products.

Cheap supplements may provide the basics in terms of vitamins but they simply don’t address the two major pet bird
problems – obesity and calcium deficiency - nor do they supply specific support for optimum digestive and immune
system function, highly bio-available trace minerals, essential oils or limiting amino acids.
EasyBird Complete Pet Supplement is fed 5-6 days a week.
It is an on-food supplement so should be added to soft foods such as Feast, finely chopped fresh fruits and veggies or
any safe human foods.
It is suitable for all species from finches and waxbills through canaries, budgies to pet parrots
EasyBird Complete Pet Supplement combines the ingredients from Daily Essentials3, Calcivet Powder,
BioPlus and a small amount from ProBoost SuperMax which means it offers the following benefits:
Highly bio-available calcium for strong bones and efficient brain and muscle function.

Will help prevent behavioural problems like feather plucking and aggression and make birds easier to train. Calcium deficiency is the most common deficiency in pet birds.
Limiting amino acids and high value protein for obesity prevention. Obesity related diseases like diabetes, liver and heart problems are the biggest cause of premature death in pet birds.

Limiting amino acids are also crucial for stress free moults, perfect feathering and healthybeak and claw growth. It should eliminate beak trimming
(unless it is caused by an existing liver problem).
Health promoting herbs for a healthy digestive system and effective immune system.

Probiotics for a healthy digestive system and effective immune system.
Full spectrum vitamin supplementation for general health, wellbeing and vitality.
 Essential omega 3 oils for cardio-vascular health.
Chelated major and trace minerals for efficient absorption and utilisation within the body.
Powerful anti-oxidant package to slow down the aging process.
Sugar free formulation.
EasyBird Complete Pet Supplement comes in 50g and 100g packs:


Product CodeBCCEasyPet1
ManufacturerBird Care Company

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