Virkon Tablets

Virkon Tablets


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This is the disinfectant we use daily in the shop to stop any cross contamination between the animals.
These tablets are the easiest way to make up the solution,
just 1 tablet added to 500ml of water gives a 1% solution suitable for general use.
When added to water the pink liquid remains stable and working for about 7 days although
once the colour has faded the disinfectant is no longer active.


Virkon S is a DEFRA approved disinfectant, tested against viruses like those that cause Foot and Mouth disease and Bird Flu.
Virkon is the disinfectant generally recommended globally by Governments concerned with controlling major health epidemics
in both the human health and agricultural sectors. A solution of Virkon can be used in footbaths for not only human feet
but also animals, to ensure that diseases are not being carried and spread while walking.
Virkon is probably the most versatile disinfectant in the world, as it can be applied on to the animal,
its cage, or surroundings and will kill viruses fungi and bacteria quicker and at lower doses than most other products.
It is powerful yet safe to use with animals and around the home and workplace.
Simple to mix and instantly ready to use.

Independently tested against:

Fungi: Aspergillus, Microsporum, Trichophyton, Candida

Bacteria: Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus (including Streptococcus equii ),
Pasteurella, Mycoplasma, Listeria, Enterobacter, Chlamydia, Campylobacter, Bacillus, Brucella, Legionella,
Noroviruses and many others.

Viruses: Adenovirus, Birnavirus, Calicivirus, Coronavirus, Herpesvirus (includng Equine Herpes Virus),
Papovavirus, Picornavirus, Poxvirus, Parvovirus, Retrovirus, Rhabdovirus

10 x 5g Tablets


Product CodeSPGVIRK

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